Day 9: Yankee Stadium

This was definitely not our favorite leg of the trip.  With 4 hours of sleep we headed east through NY to Binghamton then South through Pennsylvania and into NJ raining a majority of the way.  Our hotel was near Newark International, so it had a shuttle to the airport.  Which we took after resting a little while.  On the way though it got a flat tire, so we lost about an 20 minutes waiting for a replacement shuttle.  From the airport we took a tram out to the NJ transit station and from there to Penn Station.  Exiting Penn Station it was pouring rain, so we held up in Borders for it to slow down and double check the station we had to go to.  Dave questioned it so I geeked out and pulled up my app for that on the iPad.  The rain slowed enough that we decided walk the block and half to catch the D express line to Yankee Stadium.  At this point we had been traveling a little under 12 hrs with only a few short breaks.  It was still raining as we exited the subway to enter the stadium.  When we got to the bag check I got turned away; Yankee Stadium doesn’t allow consumer video cameras like every other stadium does.  So I first tried to get in through a different line no luck.  I went searching for lockers that were suppose to be across the street with no luck came back across the street for direction.  Finally found the place with lockers checked my camera and got back in line.  This time now my iPad can’t come in ???? what why are the Yankees hating on Apple.  Pretty upset I go back again and put my entire bag in the locker forgetting to grab the long sleeve shirt I packed.  Got back in line again only to discover I no longer had my ticket (paper print out from StubHub).  It was steadily drizzling this entire time and I was exhausted, defeated, and really hating the Yankees and NY.  Because Dave was in front of me line the first time, he had been inside the whole time and had to borrow someone phone to call me when I was wandering around looking for the lockers.  Talking through the fence, he convinced me that maybe I put the ticket in my bag after one of the failed bag checks.  So exhausted I started walking back to the lockers head hang out of shear exhaustion when by the grace of God laying on the ground at my feat soaking wet was a piece of paper that read StubHub.  I had to pinch myself to make sure I was hallucinating.  Picked it up and sure enough it was my ticket; it is a good thing New Yorkers ignore everything around them.  It was ready to fall apart but the bar code was intact so I dried it out the best I could and went back to the Stadium.  Finding the ticket plus a really good Italian sausage in the stadium gave me a boost, but that was short lived as it rained the entire game and was windy as hell.  The game was rain delayed about an hour pushing the start back to 8.


Here are excellent recaps of the game Yankees or Red Sox.   We however, do to the constant rain and wind, last in the upper deck all of 3 innings before heading to the stadium store to warm up.  We then watched the Yankees get a sizable lead from the second level standing area. Still really cold we got some hot chocolate then took what photos we could.  Red Sox were able to notch one run but were blanked again in the seventh.  As it was get pretty late and we didn’t want to miss the last train to NJ and because we were completely exhausted / not in the mood for Yankee fans.  We left the game starting the journey back to the hotel (grabbing my bag before we left.)  When someone getting on the train to NJ announced that it was 5 to 4 in the top of ninth, we realized we made a mistake. In short this leg was not the best experience.

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