Day 7: Comerica Park


Left Battle Creek (of Kellogg fame) late which was compounded by forgetting the phone back in the room.  Luckily remembered before getting to far when I went to tweet that we were off.  Got into Detroit with just enough time hit the FedEx Kinkos ( we forgot to hit the hotel business center before leaving, not sure they would’ve had one it was another 80’s era hotel ) print the tickets and walk to the Park.  Our travel survival skills kicked in quickly once we realized the Kinkos was closed being a Sunday, and sought out the first hotel we could find which happened to be a Garden Inn Hilton.  Walked in like we owned it and found the business center behind a hotel card access door.  By a struck of luck some one was using the room and let us in.


The Comerica Park sits adjacent to Ford Field.  There was a good deal of construction going on outside the east gates but overall the park is a nice mix of old style and new design and technology.  We only missed two outs in the first in which the Red Sox stranded 2 men and a Johnny Damon walk was all the Tigers could muster.  In the second Galarraga again blanked the Red Sox.  After giving up a run via a Kelly single to left field, Lackey got worked by Avila for a number of pitches eventually giving up the walk.  On his first major league at bat Danny Worth was able to leg out a slow dribble to first base. It wasn’t pretty but a hit is a hit and it loaded the bases.  Damon again walked scoring the second run of the game.  Santiago let the struggling Lackey off the hook by flying out.  Hermida answered in the third with a double to score Van Every.  I zoned out in the bottom of the inning but was brought to by a great play by Scudero to prevent another single, throwing out Boesch at second.  But it still scored Ordonez. Tigers stretched the lead in the bottom of the fourth with a two out rally including a Damon single and steal and Santiago home run to right field. Bonderman came in with skillful relief in the sixth and two more outs in the seventh.  Was replaced by the pitcher named Ni ( didn’t see any shrubbery ) and promptly gave up two hits and walked a third batter to load the bases but escaped the inning with a strike out.  In the 8th the crowd started the first wave of our trip; it went around the stadium four times. Tigers sealed it up when Hermida hit it to first with two on and two out for an easy tag of the bag.


Left the city via tunnel to Windsor, stopped at Tim Horton’s (exchange rate 97) in London, and pulled into Toronto at 9:45 pm. Google put us on the right road but on the complete other side of town.  So, we had to drive 90 blocks downtown to our hotel.

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