Day 5: Great American Ball Park


Slept in YAY!!  Jumped on the road out farm country passing Santa Claus into Kentucky via Louisville.  Passed a trailer carrying an old Airsteam that looked like it was pulled directly out the barn that it had been sitting in for the last 30 years still hitched to the beat up GTO that put it there.  Entering from Kentucky, the city’s skyline just appears from behind the hill and is quite impressive.  For such good locations Cincinnati’s Stadiums were by far the least attractive we’ve seen.  As far as I can tell they were trying to give the “Great American Ball Park” a steal bridge aesthetic from the riverfront and brick facade from the city side neither was pulled off very well.


The most exciting game of our trip so far, a pair of two run home runs by Pujols and Ludwick propelled the Cardinals over the Reds, despite a late game effort.  In the seventh Gomes hit a double and and Stubbs brought him in with a home run to straight away center. In was Gomes again in the ninth with a single over the SS and promptly stealing second. Bruce’s drop fly put men at first in third with no outs.  Stubbs hit to second scored Gomes and nearly a double play but was interrupt by a skillful slide by Bruce.  The crowd was brought to a near frenzy with Hannigan’s single to center field.  Then like letting the air out of a balloon, gasp as pinch hitter Hernandez hit into a double play ending the game.


It was Friday Fireworks Night as apart of Cincinnati’s Civil Rights Week.  The display was timed to music and famous events in Civil Rights history.  After the display we drove onto Indy.

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