Day 3: Kaufmann Field

Lazy morning … got off to a late start and didn’t get on the road until 9:40; forgetting even to grab directions to the next destination.  Luckily, in talking to locals last night on the fun run bus, remembered that 35S went all the way to Kansas City.  Once on the road, had a breakfast of cupcakes, OJ, yogurt, and combos.  Got as far south 12 miles north of Iowa and stopped for gas.  There was a Walmart at the exit so we stocked up on food as well before getting back on the road.  A thunderstorm kicked up 30 miles north of Des Moines.  Stopped to make sandwiches in Des Moines.  Another thunderstorm leaving Iowa and again entering Kansas City.  Thunderstorms would be a drastic understatement, God was pretty much dropping giant water balloons on us… forcing us to pull off in Kansas City.  Major kudos to Holiday Inn’s new look, the hotel was right across the highway from the field and had a free shuttle to from the game.  Arrived with just enough time to drop off our stuff, post the photos from the day before.


Best seats so far, not that it mattered we could have sat anywhere we wanted, right behind the net on the 3rd base side 6 rows up.  Choo started the indians off with a single between first and second. Followed by a Hafner walk but Kearns grounded out to the shortstop for the third out.  Royals looked like they were going to have a good night starting with two singles and a sac bunt.  However a pop out and ground out, set the tone of game leaving two men on base, and thirteen total by the end of the night.  No score until the 5th when Cabera scored two runners, who were advanced by a sac bunt, off a single up the middle.  The rain force a halt in play, we took advantage of buck night… Hot Dogs, Peanuts, Sodas, and … Twinkies were only a dollar. I would state here that with the rain delay that the fans left in droves but there weren’t droves to leave.  Also, we were highly disappointed no one use the tarp as a slip and slide.  When resumed Indians added another two runs via a Russell Branyan home run, before another second long delay.  With second delay we sampled local Boulevard Brewery’s Golden Wheat and Zōn brews.  The only thing exciting about the rest of the was watching people chase foul balls through the empty seats.

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  1. Lisa says:

    Loving the crown, Dave – 100 percent JOLLY!! Keep these stunners coming…

  2. Gunny says:


    I love the Jesus picture. Are you trying to make a comparison??

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