Day 11: Nationals Park

Hit our hotel in Bethesda. Dave took my car to do laundry and for the second time the one we found online didn’t exist when he found one the key in my car won’t come out.  After finishing laundry, a routine of sitting in the car changing it over and back to the car, Dave had to try to get back to the hotel through rush hour traffic.  Already running late I called AAA because the last thing we needed was a dead battery in the morning.  The AAA were not helpful at all and gave us no answers.  So we disconnected the battery and ran to catch the subway.  D.C. subway is most complicated thing I have ever seen I stared at board for five minutes just trying to figure it out.  Upon getting to the stadium station we still owed 33¢.  We had planned on getting to stadium early to meet Matt and get standing room only only seats however do to running late the game had already started and we were stuck with some of our most expensive tickets of trip but the seats were great and we were able sneak Matt down to our seats as well.  Spent most of game just catching up with Matt and don;t really remember what happen at the game. Nats recap Mets recap After the game we caught the last train back to Bethesda.

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